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A quick primer on ‘Omicronomics’

Here are some first thoughts on 'Omicronomics', or the economic impact of the new Covid restrictions announced for England over the weekend. The main short-term risk to the UK economy comes from the tightening of the self-isolation rules: contacts of those testing positive for the Omicron variant will have to stay at home for up … Continue reading A quick primer on ‘Omicronomics’

The EU’s vaccine failures will leave a toxic legacy

This week it has been reported that the pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca is ‘exploring options’ for its COVID-19 vaccine business, including a sale. This is not entirely surprising. The company has not traditionally focused on vaccines and its vital contribution to the fight against the coronavirus may never make a profit. However, AstraZeneca’s experience still reflects … Continue reading The EU’s vaccine failures will leave a toxic legacy

Brexit tide is finally turning

Brexit is not yet done and there are plenty of problems that still need fixing, especially in Northern Ireland and in the service sectors. Nonetheless, public perceptions of Brexit have improved significantly, business concerns are fading, and now we have hard evidence of a quick rebound in UK goods exports to the EU too. According … Continue reading Brexit tide is finally turning

Is Britain winning or losing from Brexit?

Brexit pessimists are having a field day following official confirmation that UK exports to the EU slumped in January – and they have a point. Anything that increases the cost of doing business across borders was always likely to reduce trade. Nonetheless, the first month’s trade figures after the end of the transition period are … Continue reading Is Britain winning or losing from Brexit?