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What’s the real story on UK-EU trade?

Many diehard Remainers are still claiming that UK exports to the EU have been permanently crippled by Brexit, and that UK imports will fall further. But the evidence is stacking up against them. Admittedly, the widely expected decision to delay the full introduction of UK border checks might suggest that there is worse to come. The Government … Continue reading What’s the real story on UK-EU trade?

Brexit: the good, the bad, and the little bit ugly

How time doesn’t always fly. It is a long five years since the UK voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum and the country still seems as divided about the impacts as ever. But as a Leave voter and Brexit optimist, I’m feeling increasingly positive. Let’s start with three things that have gone … Continue reading Brexit: the good, the bad, and the little bit ugly

Brexit tide is finally turning

Brexit is not yet done and there are plenty of problems that still need fixing, especially in Northern Ireland and in the service sectors. Nonetheless, public perceptions of Brexit have improved significantly, business concerns are fading, and now we have hard evidence of a quick rebound in UK goods exports to the EU too. According … Continue reading Brexit tide is finally turning