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Why economists should sit on SAGE

Throughout the pandemic, our politicians have been urged to “follow the science” or, more accurately, the advice provided by medical scientists. Other disciplines play only a bit part. There are Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) sub-groups assessing the impacts of Covid on the provision of social care, or minority ethnic groups, but what about … Continue reading Why economists should sit on SAGE

How can economists help to tackle climate change?

Here are the slides from a presentation on climate change I gave to 14- to 16-year-olds on Saturday 25th September as part of an event run by Bubble Bubble, in partnership with the Royal Economic Society’s ‘Discover Economics’ campaign… how-can-economists-help-to-tackle-climate-change-sep-2021Download You can find more about 'Bubble Bubble' here... Economics for teens | Bubble Bubble | … Continue reading How can economists help to tackle climate change?

Importing is “GREAT”, too

The UK government promotes international trade under the banner ‘Exporting is GREAT’. This is laudable, but the economic benefits of free trade come mainly from what countries import, rather than from what they sell overseas. This is the main message from a paper I wrote recently for the Institute of Economic Affairs. Of course, it is not … Continue reading Importing is “GREAT”, too